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  You know where this is going.
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I've been riding the same bike for 15 years. Old style MTB Trek 720..or 1400, I dunno. I long ago stickered over any obvious brand symbol. I use that bike every day... but after 15 years I started thinking, well...maybe it's time for a change. There are several reasons but the main one is that it's not really fun to ride anymore, and, oh, I robbed a bank. Still it felt kind of like a betrayal of Trusty Steed, the ol' work horse. Sure there were the times we went to Hawaii Island and rode through the lava fields back when all my buddies had those new "shock absorbers". "A purist!" I designated myself, with hard nose and tail. But those days are long past us, friend.

Over the years my other friends have urged me to get a new bike. I even caved a couple of times: enter Specialized Rock Hopper. meh. I sold it shortly after getting it. Enter Specialized road bike (cant remember specifics...a 3000? Some kind of triathlon bike.). I sold that too after my thighs ballooned from too much hill climbing. Verrrry attractive.

So I started looking online at bikes. I'm still a purist (!) so I didn't want any of these super high tech bikes (which I find horribly ugly), nor did I want something cheap. Plus I'm basically a commuter so I didn't need anything sport specific. I didn't want a road bike because I do plenty curb hopping and short cut taking. I didn't want a comfort bike because ....OMG I'm not old enough for a comfort bike! I wanted my old bike... only new.

So. Picky.
You know where this is going.

Hello, Kona.
Had to order the 2008 model because they were out of the 2007 in my size.
It is silent... effortless. Last night I rode up a hill I dread, in the dark and rain. There were no curses at the ready. I was laughing by the time I got to the light at the top, full load of groceries on my back.

My new bike kicks ass.

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