Film and Television Rights: Rashy

All our days on earth, microscopic animals are attempting to eat us alive, creeping across the vast landscape of our flesh, looking for a safe haven to inhabit in the pits of our arms, behind our ears, the webbed expanse between our fingers. When our immune system dips south, these beasties sometimes get a foothold, and you have to break out the cortical steroids.

As we age, and our immune system becomes increasingly difficult to maintain, the medicine cabinet will fill with the cremes, lotions and ointments! Smell the age! Rub it in!

Given the opportunity, when we die these invisible creatures eat us until we are reduced to our primal origins, and they in turn, will call out to their compatriots, the cats, with a siren's chemical wail, and live out the rest of their existence in the warm bellies of those furry creatures.

I think of these things as I put my Dove 'Light Radiance' scented deodorant (with moisturizer) on each morning.

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eeyore how do you plea?

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