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$81 metrocard (gonna take you out tonight...yeah!)  

Yeah yeah, I know the syntax is wrong. I know that everything I do on the internet is often a half-quacked to find some sort of truth behind humanity, a daily search in the same places for something different. Virtual insanity, perhaps -- sounds like a good name for a pre-internet crossover funk/soul hit.

I hit these sites daily, usually in order, then I get down to bidness:

Because I have to know what shade of bullshit the new Superman movie will don.

Because I am an avid listener and am extremely gullible.

Because the interviews conducted on this site confirm that I am not completely baseless when I feel that the world is not as it seems.

Because no one spends hundreds of millions of bucks on making entertainment without plastering symbolism in front of your face while they rip us off (read Flicker by Theodore Roszak).

See above.

Great designs, tagged and bagged for easy digestion.

What am I looking for? Why this routine?

Other than ffffound.com, which satiates my need to see others sharing what they think is great art (or at least great nakedness), each one of those sites is based in the fantastic, the abnormal, the superhuman, the otherworldly. These things call to me and always have. I'm not alone in my interests, but the danger of the internet is that it truly is the mental rabbit hole. It goes on and on and on and on. I can find just as many sites on pyramids, stargates and jumprooms as I can on Lucille Ball.

The routine is the exact same as which section of the paper we used to grab first. Life? Metro? Comics? Sports? The difference is in delivery -- you never know what's coming the next second. Hence, the Internet "sucks" - if the plug were pulled, or if we pull it, this e-wisdom goes away and there I am with my time again, never to know if the new Jerusalem UFO sighting is the real deal, who Joseph Gordon-Levitt could be playing in the next Dark Knight flick before anyone else (except the guys who posted it), what exactly is going on with rich white people, how come movies all do the same shit sometimes, and hey -- cool package!

The internet sucks. Just sucked about 30 minutes off the actual living of my life right now. But hey, it's nice to share things with friends.

I like how I spend my suck time, but its coming to a pretty rapid stalemate. What will I make of it? Let's just say that I have a good grasp on what the Double Rainbow means, but mostly because I've always wanted to know.

Learning more programming languages and developing original ideas is my goal, and it is rewarding. But how did I get here?

My back hurts.

The internet sucks.

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$81 metrocard (gonna take you out tonight...yeah!)  

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