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› Sunday 3/6/2005
Honky Cracker:  Twenty: January 3rd, 1998
Learning to Fall:  time for bulbs.
Cootie Girl:  jobs I should have applied for
Solstice:  Whilst I watched the icecaps melting: Kent and Wendi Wed Today
Pony:  Sunday night of buy nothing
› Monday 3/7/2005
Solstice:  We Love Rachel
Nutshell Kingdom:  top secret insider Rachel birthday message inside-- "The Awakening"
Art Colony:  7:56 AM
Pony:  Picture madness
Learning to Fall:  fertilizer.
Nutshell Kingdom:  Library Days
Sunshine Jen:  Lion City
Cootie Girl:  what's the story morning glory (seeds that is)
› Tuesday 3/8/2005
Post-Modern Drunkard:  If we don't find the next whiskey bar, I tell you we must die
Honky Cracker:  Livin' Livin' Livin' Livin' Livin' Livin' Livin' Life
Lisa Says:  preggers update #57
Nutshell Kingdom:  tiny impressions
Learning to Fall:  freed's mill.
Pony:  eggs
Film and Television Rights:  In the Next Office the Door is Open
elanamatic:  My Transit Superhero
Film and Television Rights:  Who's that?
Art Colony:  my life as a ipod shuffle
Pony:  Spend Nothing Week night 2
Solstice:  Addendum ad nauesum:
Robot Journal:  Wine Club #9 - Champagne
› Wednesday 3/9/2005
Road Dust:  You ain't a real Harley rider puss-boy
Sunshine Jen:  Sentosa
Nutshell Kingdom:  Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill!
Learning to Fall:  good dog.
Nutshell Kingdom:  Wine Club Montgomery County Style
Ornithopter:  An Open Letter To My Tormentors
The Wrong Squid:  Love/Hate
Art Colony:  thank you
Art Colony:  10 things that I thought about today...
Solstice:  Pilfered Wisdom
Solstice:  my own words
› Thursday 3/10/2005
Cootie Girl:  can my day get any better?
Post-Modern Drunkard:  Hostel Intent
Robot Journal:  The delete button - perfect for deleting things
Nutshell Kingdom:  Real Life Cougar Story!
Learning to Fall:  big night.
Pony:  Day 4 of spend nada
Film and Television Rights:  Written Directions
Nutshell Kingdom:  Rock 'n Roll Suicide Notes
Honky Cracker:  Pee Aqualung
Nutshell Kingdom:  Job Description (or how I learned to stop thinking and just write write write to the robot)
The Wrong Squid:  Woo! Dog at work!
Solstice:  My Mother
Remote Control Juice:  an introduction of sorts
› Friday 3/11/2005
Sunshine Jen:  Lime Juice
Lisa Says:  spend-as-much-as-i-can week (sorry, pony)
Art Colony:  five minutes!
Nutshell Kingdom:  Friday is Ecletic
Cootie Girl:  full of farts
Tropical Depression:  Writing famous people
Tropical Depression:  Don Ho
Tropical Depression:  Brains
Pony:  Fin
› Saturday 3/12/2005
Art Colony:  cold outside
Art Colony:  c3po and r2d2
Pony:  Bull Horns
Learning to Fall:  lost career.

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