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› Sunday 4/10/2005
Film and Television Rights:  Love Poem without Irony
Learning to Fall:  a mallard hen.
› Monday 4/11/2005
Post-Modern Drunkard:  Definitions in search of a word
Honky Cracker:  R.I.P. -- The Fool That Messed With T
Road Dust:  Recipes For Survival When You Work In Healthcare
Film and Television Rights:  Self-Portrait as a Family
Pony:  Defrost
Adult Content:  C Is Not For Cookie
Adult Content:  Stacked
Tropical Depression:  On creeps.
Nutshell Kingdom:  no, not dead,
Learning to Fall:  we ate.
Cootie Girl:  dull and boring
› Tuesday 4/12/2005
Film and Television Rights:  Love Poem in Monosyllables
Art Colony:  countdown!
Learning to Fall:  that evening.
Adult Content:  Meet Nuvo!
Adult Content:  Dude, You Can Put Your Weed In It!
Solstice:  Rhiannon
Robot Journal:  My white whale vs. a pleasant Saturday
› Wednesday 4/13/2005
Post-Modern Drunkard:  By order of the town drunk
Klutch.xls:  Hello Frank and Tammy!
Film and Television Rights:  Self-Portrait, Buying Olives
Art Colony:  orbitz, orbitz, orbitz...
Pony:  pomeranian
Learning to Fall:  a duck.
Ornithopter:  Please, Stop With The Killing Already...
Honky Cracker:  Kick Ass For Hire
Nutshell Kingdom:  walking before midnight
› Thursday 4/14/2005
Honky Cracker:  Shush, Honey. We're Rushin' to Beat the Band
Klutch.xls:  Frank and Tammi Throw Dice for Charity
Art Colony:  happysigh
Film and Television Rights:  Self-Portrait as a Memoir
Learning to Fall:  it was.
elanamatic:  The signs are all there.
Pony:  Tutor
Tim!:  Some reasons why global warming is not a crisis. I could not wait, it seems, for the formal question to be asked.
› Friday 4/15/2005
Solstice:  A creation. A life. A birthday
Robot Journal:  I have your deductions right here
Film and Television Rights:  Self-Portrait as a Love Poem (Riding a Tandem)
Art Colony:  this what you want?
Learning to Fall:  and once.
Sunshine Jen:  I Got Nothing
› Saturday 4/16/2005
Film and Television Rights:  Self Portrait as Goliath as a County Deputy
Art Colony:  arthur's seat (ooooh)
Tropical Depression:  Weekend Index
Learning to Fall:  all the time.