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› Sunday 6/12/2005
Solstice:  HIM
Lisa Says:  bklyn baby
Pony:  telecommute
Solstice:  Clothes. Woods.
› Monday 6/13/2005
Cootie Girl:  panty lines vs. the taco chip
Solstice:  Short-haired Boy
Post-Modern Drunkard:  The Robots Take Manhattan
Art Colony:  she always speaks in a deep voice...
Learning to Fall:  crossed line.
Pony:  Saturday Night Dinner Redux
Robot Journal:  Hap Rob Con 2005
Sunshine Jen:  Spitting Venom
Dog Years:  Misunderstanding Loss
Film and Television Rights:  Notes on a Sock Monkey
Teen News:  typical, blog-style day-in-the-life kind of thing, and no hard c*ck
Tropical Depression:  Try Harder
Solstice:  Jumpy and Flappy
Solstice:  uh-huh huh
Nutshell Kingdom:  Well #$%%#$
elanamatic:  down with socks
› Tuesday 6/14/2005
Road Dust:  It's Worth Repeating
Nutshell Kingdom:  sink
Nutshell Kingdom:  sink continued with turtles and without ellipses (for Stu)
Cootie Girl:  what's grosser than gross?
Poop Beetle:  I want
Pony:  Tuesday Reading:
Art Colony:  est-que vous etes sympa?
Art Colony:  fine.
Art Colony:  Ok, here goes...
Dog Years:  Apples
Learning to Fall:  out.
Solstice:  foe vs. come on out vs. erasing zero
Solstice:  A coy goya
› Wednesday 6/15/2005
elanamatic:  the book meme
The Wrong Squid:  Prositivity
Pony:  Do you smell a trend or a religious right conspiracy?
Art Colony:  toilet stories
Poop Beetle:  Job Update
Gator Country:  the force of honesty
Sunshine Jen:  Life Experience
Film and Television Rights:  Random Memoir Fragment (Syracuse 1995)
Learning to Fall:  while you were asleep.
› Thursday 6/16/2005
Honky Cracker:  Love, The Management
Tropical Depression:  randomness
The Wrong Squid:  Staff Picnic Highlights
Pony:  Book Meme
Learning to Fall:  neverland.
Nutshell Kingdom:  Swab
Art Colony:  i am a shitty cook
Gator Country:  shake rattle and roll
Solstice:  Oz and the field of poppies
Solstice:  the coughing
› Friday 6/17/2005
Cootie Girl:  the day of all days to be home drunk ...
Pony:  Do Not
Film and Television Rights:  Dear Harrison Ford
Art Colony:  Strawberry Daiquiri "Malt Beverage"
Sunshine Jen:  The Bad Boy
Klutch.xls:  Nobody wants to be the office Ed O'Brien
Learning to Fall:  aim high.
Nutshell Kingdom:  Quarantine
› Saturday 6/18/2005
Solstice:  Flame and Puddle
Solstice:  Blue Green Chair
Art Colony:  how do you say "appreciate"?
Pony:  happy anniversary, Matt and Jackie
Cootie Girl:  this morning I woke up with Benicio Del Torro
Learning to Fall:  walk about.
Nutshell Kingdom:  Walkabout

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