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My office sits right next to a bathroom. This bathroom has a door, but a lot of people don't seem to notice this. There is a toilet in a stall, and I think people think that if the stall door is closed, privacy is achieved.

This is not the case.

I hear the sounds of pee several times a day. I hear the sounds of poop more than anyone should have to.

The stall door is about 4 feet tall, with at least 2 feet of open space above and below. This is not private. There is a classroom across from my office. I bet they hear all this too.

If I can find a certain puppet (he's in a box somewhere in my house. He is making a face that makes me think he's saying, "oooh, we're in trouble now!") I am going to make sign for the door that says, "The Puppet wants you to close the door when you're in here." Then one for the stall door that says, "The Puppet wants to know if you shut that other door." And then signs for inside the stall (back and front, to cover all possibilities) that say "The Puppet wants you to know that if you didn't shut that other door, everyone can hear you." (Obviously the Puppet's picture will be on these signs to alert people to the fact that they might be in trouble now.)

I mean, if you're having some sort of lutefisk blowout, I'll probably be able to hear it anyway, but at least you made the effort.

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