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Worst Day of the Year, my ass!
So, yeah. Yesterday was supposed to be the worst day of the year. This was not my experience.

1. I woke up to find that I didn't have to go to work. And that Collin wasn't going to work (whether or not she was supposed to doesn't matter. State of emergency, baby!) So no work + Collin + all the pets = pretty good day already.

2. Because of all the snow, I had cabin fever. But when I tried to say "I have cabin fever" it kept coming out "I have jungle fever."

3. Because of said fever, I got a lot of crap done. Like ripping up the awful dirty pink carpet on our stairs, revealing the very nice wooden stairs underneath. And even though it took me two hours to pull out all the staples that held the rug down, it was still better than being at work.

4. I found more nice wood floor under another shitty rug.

5. When you're used to eating totally shitty Chinese food, when you get even half decent Chinese food (which we did, but it's better than half decent) it seems totally amazing.

6. Having a back yard and a dog means snow is kind of awesome. Especially when the snow is so deep the dog disappears.

Today, on the other hand, already sucks. I've been walking around for an hour with my fly open, apparently.

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