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Party with Meerkats
This morning Mijo expressed an interest in "partying with meerkats." (I've spoken with him in the past about using "party" as a verb, but he won't listen.) I'm not entirely sure where he thinks I'm going to get a shit-ton of meerkats (this is the actual scientific term for a gathering of meerkats, whereas their cousin the mongoose has a tendency to gather in a mongaggle) and the problem is, frankly, those dudes will not want to party with a smellhound. After careful observation of meerkats at the Newquay Zoo I have decided that a meerkat's #1 priority is not getting eaten.

What is their plan to achieve this?

Well, I'm pretty sure this "plan" involves mainly looking like you have a plan, when you really have no plan whatsoever. That's a shit plan, but it seems to work, at least for zoo meerkats. They run out to different points of their area, briefly look around as if to say "I so totally have a plan," then they run back to each other and frantically ask, "did you get eaten?"
"No, did you get eaten?"
Therefore, to them, the plan works.

Anyway, you may be wondering how Mijo communicated this information to me. It was done via Speak & Spell, with a touch of telepathy, as shown in this visual:

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