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So, we live right off Reservoir Avenue in Providence. I spend a lot of time not thinking about Reservoir Avenue, because it's really depressing. It's essentially miles of strip malls and fast food places. Most of the really awful traffic that isn't on 95 goes down here. People will drive straight across 4 lanes to get to the stores on the other side, usually without even looking to see if cars are coming. Probably because cars are always coming.

Anyway, every now and then something good happens on this street. For example, this sign:

I always thought it was called "dude juice," but I guess things are different in Li'l Rhody. This also taps into an idea I had for a product called "Flavor Your Seed" which would be packets of asparagus, or pineapple, or other stuff that supposedly messes with the taste of your weiner sauce. But I guess the Olneyville NY System Hot Weiner people beat me to it.

And then it would appear that Darth Vader also had this idea, and is even more bummed than me about it:

Poor Darth. I think weiner spice messes with his midichlorians or whatever the crap that shit is. Or maybe he just realizes that he looks like a giant black robopenis jutting out of the top of Burger King. Hard to say. Sith Lords can be hard to read.

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