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Hot Boxin'

When the going gets hot, the kitties sit in boxes.

That isn't true at all. Phil will sit in a box regardless of the weather. Yesterday she sat in this one. We had a yard sale, and Collin thought it would be a good idea to sell bottles of water because it was so hot. This is the water box. Riveting stuff. To the left you can see part of the cabinet we refer to as "Cabinet Sanchez." Someday someone not in the know will be directed to go get something out of Cabinet Sanchez, and hilarity will ensue.

Anyway, the yard sale was almost a total bust. I think we made $14 for the six hours we sat outside in the heat. We ended up taking almost everything to a thrift store, which we probably should have just done in the first place. Because we had been in the heat all day, I thought it would be a good idea to go to dinner in a restaurant, since it would be air conditioned (in theory). That theory was proven wrong. Dinner also cost more than $14. We did sell one bottle of water, though. But will probably go to jail for selling it without a license.

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