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Leftover art
As I was leaving work one day last week, I cut through this little alleyway that basically serves as a place for some fire escapes to empty into, but it also is the most direct route up the hill to the parking lot. Usually it's empty, save for some beefy smoke from the dining hall that's in one of the buildings. This time was different, though, and I stumbled into a gaggle of students, who suddenly got very giggly. I knew for a fact my fly wasn't open, so I decided maybe this time they were laughing at someone else. They had set up a photo shoot in the alley, and the subject was a girl dressed up to look pregnant, and she was smoking. I guessed that was the "statement" they were making, and I continued on my way.

Today I came back down the hill through that alley, and saw that there was more to the photos that I hadn't noticed. I guess they had signs up to further their case.

(It was kind of dark in the alley, so if you can't read that it says "If I get pregnant will my boobs get bigger?") This in and of itself isn't so funny. But what amused me about the whole thing was what someone who must have come along later wrote in the corner:

Which even in and of itself isn't THAT funny, but when you look at the punctuation, it seems to say "Hell fuckin'! Yes" as though "Hell fuckin'!" is some expression of disbelief. "I can't believe you asked me that, but of course your boobs will get bigger," is just too long. "Hell fuckin'! Yes" gets the point across more concisely.

Here's another poster a few yards away from the first one, that has yet to be defaced.

Hell fuckin'! Confrontational art! A+++ would walk through their photoshoot again!

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