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Underrated Squids
Man, Stu and his demands.

Anyway, upon reflection, these are the 5 The Wrong Squids I felt were underappreciated.

5. The one in which I prove my dedication to squids, wrong or otherwise, by covering myself with dead fish and swimming in squid-infested waters.

4. The followup to #5 in which I go to Japan to dine on Humboldt squid, to teach those fuckers a thing or two about comeuppance.

3. N00dz. P0sted.

2. The video of me kicking Chris in the beanbag for calling me a hipster. While underrated on the Robot, it became the next "Star Wars kid" so I can't complain too much.

1. The one in which Dorf and I confess that it wasn't really us who went to that New York Robot party, it was Victoria and Biff, sent in our stead.

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