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8:30am Dental Appt. iPod 11
I had to do a little extra driving this morning, so I got 11 songs in. I probably wouldn't have made mention of this, if not for the first song.

The Stu and Chris Gay For Jeff Mangum Experience - "Holland, 1945"
I could hear their boners when this came on.

Prickly - "Breakfast of Champions"
Dorf's old band. The iPod likes this one lately.

Meat Puppets - "What To Do"
I really like Meat Puppets II. With the reissue, though, it's almost too much. It was kind of perfect the way it was. Shuffle play makes bonus material more exciting, as it's not hour 300 of Meat Puppet outtakes.

Sigur Ros - "N Batteri"
You'd think I'd remember an 8 minute song, but no dice.

The Beatles - "Why Don't We Do It In The Road?"
Because it's really cold out. Butts are sticking to cold pavement today.

The Shaggs - "Shagg's Own Thing"
Kind of funny that this came after the Beatles, as Frank Zappa felt the Shaggs were better than the Beatles. In this pairing, I say point: Shaggs.

Quasimoto - "Closer"
Nice sample of a dude just going completely nuts in the middle of this.

Stereolab - "Klang Tone"
Stereolab? On my iPod?

Centipedes? In my vagina?

Nick Drake - "From the Morning"
I love those cakes he makes.

Gordon Lightfoot - "Minstrel of the Dawn"
Not one of my Gord favorites, but better than some of the songs on Gord's Gold.

Yes, the record store clerk made fun of me when I bought this. I am used to this.

Belle and Sebastian - "I'm Waking Up To Us"
This is when I found parking, so I only heard a little of this. It was 9:52, and no parking is allowed where I parked before 10. Do you think I'll get a ticket? I didn't feel like driving across town to the "overflow lot."

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