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2 April 2005

Tushy Tupperware
filed: porn
Sex toy parties are really nothing new, women plying their Mah-Johng group with white zinfidel spritzers and coercing them to buy a vibe in the, ahem, privacy of their home. "Did you see that Marge bought the 12 inch black dong? I thought it was odd that she wanted to see "Ray" more than once!"

Seeing that this market has yet to proverbially explode, Seymore Butts , the Jewish guy I should have married, after I mentally divorced Jon Stewart and David Lee Roth, is taking his Showtime exposure to a new level. He is now looking for women who are ready to make some dough selling his sex toys via home parties.

I can use the cash, but all my girls are already have nice collections thanks to a darling pal of ours who works for Adam & Eve. I also instigated the toy chain after a friend told me to quit being such a pussy about going into an adult store, I then in turn took another shy friend, and she did the same. And so on and so on and so on...Anyone have an AA batteries?

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