i just touched over 200 hands.


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The last time I walked down the middle of the street in broad daylight people were arrested and pepper sprayed. When people take to the street on foot or on a bike or using any form of transportation that does not emit fumes, they are looked at as being subversive. When they do this as a group they are often harassed by drivers, harassed by the police, and occasionally arrested.

This morning there was no harassment.

The street was the only path not covered in two+ feet of snow. As we commuters headed down the road to the T there was no rush, there were no grumbles. People were not avoiding each other's glances. For once the peds owned the roads. We looked at each other and laughed. We watched people trying to dig out their cars, and we laughed. The road was ours this morning. The normally busy road that takes a minute to cross at intersections was turned into the city's longest cul de sac as one end was plowed shut.

While the media tries to chill our hears with fear (duck tape your doors shut, bottle your water, don't go outside, you'll die in the snow, stay home, watch our commercials!!!) we the people know the truth. The world can be a beautiful place when we just stop and look at it. When the world doesn't take itself so seriously.

I love snow.

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reject i just touched over 200 hands.

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