Baby Gorillas
Dude. You don't get much cuter than baby gorillas. We went to the Bronx Zoo today, and checked out their new 'Congo' exhibit which features a whole bunch of gorillas and about 5 baby ones. Their habitats are pretty neat, and we are separated only by glass - which was cool when they would come and sit with their back to the glass. You can't get much closer than that.
The babies are painfully cute and whenever they would do something, er, cute, the crowd (it was a big crowd) would erupt in "awwwwwwwwww"s. One of the babies (we'll call him 'Chompers') saw my camera through the glass and came barreling towards me and tried to grab it - except of course there was glass in the way.
It was fun - much more fun than I expected.
On the other hand, the human babies were for the most part were grumpy and screamy.

Two Noses in the House
Tonight is the wacky Two Noses retrospective. If you are in town, go see it - supports a good cause and there is some rumor about the giving away of some Brittany Spears book.
Gotta luv dem Noses.

People like Pat
"You must check out the 'Letters from Pat' on the Happy Robot website, link to the right. It is so hysterically funny. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT drink milk while reading the letters. You must go back a ways to understand many of the references. It is well worth a read."

Wow! Fans of Pat (aren't we all).
This is from a nice little blog called ErinObservation.

Sushi Sushi
The nice Sushi New York City site has been getting more hits than normal, thanks to NYCBloggers, but it has also shown up on a few other sites, like the uber cool site.

We went to Ginger Saturday night, and had a great dinner - they are so friendly. We introduced ourselves the last time we were there, so they know our names now, which is always fun. I also spilled the beans on the fact that I run a sushi website, which I am not sure if I should of done. Not that it matters - it's not like it's Zagats or something.
But still.

Taking the tram to Roosevelt Island at night is fun. Go do it now (unless it's daytime, and then just wait for a bit until nightfall).
We also went to a press-screening thing of the new Adam Sandler movie. It was better than I expected, not being a real fan of his. The supporting cast was all really good, especially John Turturro, who plays a hi-larious sneaky butler.
Adam Sandler just does his Adam Sandler imitation, which people seem to like, but in this movie he beats people up - but in a good way. Like they are friends afterwards. Like Fight Club. But, not.
We had real crappy seats on the front row on the side, though. Everything looks real wonkey at that angle. That is what we get for showing up ass-late.

NYCBlogger's Featured Site...
Is the mighty hoppyrobot. wo! We got a nice write up on the front page:
the robot journal:
This journal is why I blog. A slice of everyday life from Bergen Street, the robot journal is full of stories of nyc life, exhortations to drink, bizarre links and, of course, references to monkeys and robots. If that doesn't make sense now, it will. After you've read the journal, make sure you check out the other writers and site features. Full of juicy content, you'll come for the journal and stay for the rest of the site.

Critical Mass Blogging
Adam Felber's blog has a fun list of things to look forward to now that blogging has broken into the mainstream...

Too crazy for boy town.
Too much of a boy for crazy town.

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