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Chest, hot and burning. What time is it? I am in a ball at the bottom of our bed.

I am driving a little sports car up a huge hill to my boyfriend's mother's house in Toronto. There is torrents of water rushing down the hill towards me. I am driving slowly so I won't spin my tires. They are bald.

4:30am. He tells me I was kicking my legs like I was running. I apologize. He goes back to sleep. I stare at the light filtering in the window. First blue-ish, then grey-blue. My heartburn is overwhelming.

The water has subsided to just strewn piles of wet leaves. I spin my tires until I can smell smoke. I am late to see her.

I finally give up and take a shower and a pepcid. I get dressed and put on my headphones. Coffee in hand, Coldplay in my ears, I head into another day.
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