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ebay strikes again? God, i hope not
Thursday, December 23, 2004

› by victoria

howdy, howdy, howdy...
in honor of the holidays i did a few new cartoons describing how i feel about them...i wish i could get them online, i think you all would get a kick out of 'Claus the Cranky Elf' and 'JRaz, the rapper' but alas, i am using internet cafe internet access and it is muy expensive so nope...
anyways, thanks to robin for the good news. i am very worried currently. you may ask why?
well, our ebay auctions finished, which is good, since the money is sorely needed. however, the one auction, for a $60-worth set of prodigy cds that belong to B.f. ended up selling for only $1.00 . so we charged them $10 insurance (required) and $10 s+h. and now the buyer is raising a stink. B.f. says i shouldn't let them get me down, but it's kind've hard when they send an email like this...

life sucks! you said in the auction that the ins is optional, then on the pay
now page is it manditory, suck up the loss and keep your word. you are new on
ebay, and a neg would be very bad for you. i was new once, and you just sell
a few things cheap to get started, that's the way it is. maybe if you hadn't
been greedy on the ins, you would of gotten more bids. sorry, live and learn.

yup, that is copied and pasted exactly from the email. i'm not writing them back, and i'm not changing the invoice either (at least at this time). there are such damn ASSHOLES out there, and most of them are on ebay, and i wonder why i have the bad luck to encounter them???!!!

happy holidays to you all, too, just in case i don't get to writing again.

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