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my stupid cranky self
Saturday, February 26, 2005

› by victoria

Man, if I had a time eraser, I totally would go back in time and erase approximately 2 seconds from yesterday night. I said "shut up" to BF. It made me feel so, so, so so awful. I made him a whole comic book apologizing for it. I hate PMS-ing. It makes you cry at stupid, shitty movies which don't matter, and then randomly snap on people whom you really care about.

I cried a lot last night. I was very sorry about saying that. I hope everything is okay.


I also hope i made it up to him somehow. I took out the trash. Cleaned up the apartment, especially the bathroom sink and floor, which we have been tragically neglecting. made the bed, tidied up a bit, even opened up a window to let in some fresh air. Picked up 2 mini boxes of cereal, trix and chocopuffs.

A bit of sad randomness: my 92 year old italian grandmother, who is living in San Marino is having breathing problems almost identical to those of the Pope. I hope they both get better. Especially my Nonna.

A bit of happy randomness: Me, my friends Gina and Colleen and maybe Julie PLUS BF (who is driving ;) will all be going to a gallery show tonight at Hotcakes Gallery. So hopefully that will be fun!

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