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my fairy godmums
Tuesday, March 1, 2005

› by victoria

I am a very lucky person.

I have a lot of fairy godmothers, or "godmums" as I think they would prefer to be called because that sounds more fun. I have Katie, who swooped me up at 1 PM yesterday and took me 'running errands' with her except that her idea of running errands was taking me shopping at the Salvation Army Store (*where I haven't gone for like, half a year) for clothes for my art project, and taking me to the grocery store to get milk, and fruit and bread and yogurt. :'-) It was like that show "Instant Makeover", the one where the exuberant, friendly stylists appear out of nowhere and whisk the specially selected recipient of the makeover off to the spa for the day, then to get a snappy new outfit and their hair and face fixed, finally to reveal the beautious results to the expectant friends/boyfriend. We showed up at my apt. and I wasn't at all ashamed or abashed (because Katie understands how apartments can turn from clean to messy in warp speed) and BF was just blown away by all the nice things she did for us. (Seriously, he kept on repeating "Wow...your friend Katie is so nice. Wow").

Now that is fairy godmum behavior of the best, first waters. (*She even would look quite enchanting in a blue gossamer dress with waterlily petals for a skirt! This is an important qualification. Plus she would have magical iridescent snowflakes appear every time she changed the radio station dial. Katie, you rock better than all the cool music you listen to).

And I have Jill, whom I talked to for more than an hour yesterday on the phone, during which she counseled me and told me to stay sane, then discussed everything from the "robo-Pope" to migraine headaches and made me laugh and smile.

And I have all you kind Happyroboters who cushion the venting and make me want to be more artistic and unique everyday and who write such cool things.

And now, here is a list of the Top 10 things that cheered me up yesterday but not in any particular order:

10.) BF and me watching the original 1973 Pippi Longstocking swedish Kid's movie. He had never seen it before, and he thought it was absolutely hilarious and fun (it was always one of my favorite movies as a kid!)

9.) BF and me doing the laundry together earlier in the evening; we were folding clothes out of the dryer when this interview came on the TV with Mattibelle Woods, a fascinating woman who died recently at age 102. She was the oldest still-writing journalist, and a pioneer in the field of African-American journalism. Anyway, this interview must've been done shortly before her death, and she was discussing in a very lively and fun way about her childhood in early 20th cen. Milwaukee, and it made BF think of his very elderly Aunt Vera and how she had this evil 3-legged cat named "Tiger" who would always attack him, and Aunt Vera would say "Ooooh, Tiger's playing with you." BF's impersonations of the demonic cat and the sweet old lady were so hilarious I almost peed in my pants laughing.

8.) Mac n' Cheese + Tuna. Need I say more?

7.) I almost blew up the microwave by mistake, but luckily nothing bad happened. Just the smell of burning plastic throughout the apartment, that's all. (Don't try to bake a cookie in the microwave, it's a bad idea) It was very funny, though.

6.) Katie picking me up at 1 PM and us just bouncing off of campus together in her lovely 1998 Silver mustang car!

5.) The grocery bagger guy at Jewel-Osco's flirting with Katie & me. It was very funny.

4.) The slightly nutters guy at Salvation Army Store also flirting with Katie (and possibly me). Also very funny, but more on the bizarre side.

3.) Katie and me talking about Action movies, and how she only likes some of them (but which ones?) , then her telling me about how she was a "Junk Food Horse" on her recent trip to was great.

2.) Seeing BF's surprised and happily bewildered face when Katie and I came through the door loaded down with awesome great stuff.

1.) Falling asleep in a warm cozy apartment (yes, they turned the heat on) wearing tons of polarfleece (shirts and pants) with BF kinda hugging my shoulders, being grateful for how lucky and blessed I am to have such wonderful, fun, amazing, and astounding people in my life.

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