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the brainiac
Tuesday, April 26, 2005

› by victoria

i fell asleep while watching "the brainiac", a 1960's mexican B-movie, at Robin's house yesterday.

I am deeply touched that Jill & Robin & My Advisor and so many other people care.

I was also thinking about music recommendations. Somebody said that they would like to hear my opinions on music after I translated those italian song lyrics. So here's one album that I truly enjoy:

Count To Ten by Frogpond. This 1996 musical powerhouse is so emotional and raw and awesome. The lead singer's voice is indescribably cool. It truly sounds androgenous and charcoal-like, which makes the music even more interesting. Plus on their 1996 album, Frogpond was an all-girl group (as compared to their 2001 album "Safe Ride Home" which is also really good but has a bit of a different flavor to it). "Count to Ten" has some amazing hooks and guitar riffs; I like to play it loud. Some of the songs perfectly capture the angst of my highschool years (LOL, but whose highschool years weren't full of angst?) Talk to Me is a great one for that.

Count to Ten is minimalistic, the words are spare and barely used, but incredibly powerful. I mean, if I type the lyrics out here, they don't sound like much...
Count to Ten
Don't give in
Count to Ten
Don't give in
Wait (repeated 3 X)
See my eyes
Count to Ten

etc. etc. But it's awesome. Because they use these sinister guitar chords that build up to a musical crescendo of menacing goodness that finally lets go in a positive's a very cathartic piece of music.

Another great song off the album is "Trust?" simply because I love the guitar chords. "Waiting for a Friend" is great because the way they structure the repetition of the words, it emphasizes the message of the song: that ultimately, you have to tell yourself that "I'm okay" (this is a message to myself as well).
And "Be"? That's the ultimate PMS song.
I'm highly recommending this album. Gets 2 thumbs up!

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