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teeen meenutes
Wednesday, April 27, 2005

› by victoria

I have only 10 minutes to write today. So here are some funny things:

I dreamed last night that Biff and I were eating Mickey D's--we split a big mac, I got the top half and he got the bottom half since I don't like Mayo or tomato or veggies basically, just cheese. Biff dreamed that he was babysitting some kid while being majorly loaded with $, so he handed the kid a $50 and told him to keep the change...

We went to Dunkin' Donuts last night and got 6 donuts. Biff ate 3 and I ate 3. They were kinda good in a stale crunchy way.

I am wearing the pants with the rip in the butt. And I was wondering why people were laughing at me when I was getting off the bus this morning-AAAH! the shame! the embarassment! Thank God I'm not in highschool anymore. At least I can creep around with my back to the wall and hope nobody notices.

Today my philosophy professor was discussing Gurdel's Theorem. And weird mathematical ideas and languages. I didn't understand it very well but dammit, I tried.

I am going to call Biff "Comrade" from now on because he wears this stylish olive green army jacket that makes him look quite spiffing, but very communist.

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