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The X-Factor
Friday, April 29, 2005

› by victoria

Thank goodness for Gatorade, and Biff, and Pepto-Bismol, and a nice bed to sleep in. Yesterday I bounced out of my Public Relations class early because I couldn't do my presentation. I must've looked extra shitty because I was gulping rather like a fish does (you know how you fight that vomiting reflex?) and my face was all pale and covered with a fine sheen of wasn't fun. (When I told my p.R. teacher that I had been throwing up since 3 AM that morning, she was all like "Are you pregnant?" and I'm all like "HELLS no!"--I just had a stomach flu or something) My hands were shaking and cold. I could have done my presentation if we were the first group to go (so that I would only have to be there about 18 minutes) or if I knew that I wasn't on a "vomit every 20 minutes" schedule. Especially since the benighted group that was going before us was doing the Wendy's Chili with Human Finger project, which is the last thing I needed to be reminded of.

So I stagger home on the bus, and when I get home Biff is still asleep in bed (I had only been gone for like 2 hours) and I crashed in bed next to him. He woke up and asked me what he could get for me at the store: I said Gatorade, Ginger Ale, plain cookies, mint gum... he came back bearing all of these things. My bones were aching in my legs and I had a really high fever. It was so uncomfortable that I couldn't sleep or even find a position to stay in, until Biff dosed me up on Dayquil and then I could go to sleep. He also read out loud to me from the newspaper in a funny voice to cheer me up. He was just such a sweetheart.

In total, I ate 3 cookies yesterday. All day. I was surprised I was able to keep them down.
Today, I have eaten 6 cookies and 2 baby donuts (*these weren't probably the best decision to eat, but oops). I anticipate much drinking of gatorade because so far, food is overrated.

Last night, Biff and I slept really well. It was just really nice to cuddle with him like we were Harry Harlow monkeys. I am so pissed off to be at work this morning. I feel like somebody has beaten me with an exhaustion stick and I want to just gently sleep the day away like I did yesterday (Biff said that my getting sick was my body forcing me to have a vacation...). Plus the librarians at the first floor entrance desk are being total beeyatches about me not having my I.D. Grrrrrrr!

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