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sunburned in 20 minutes
Thursday, June 23, 2005

› by victoria

I must be like a mole-person from working in the library so much, because i was outside in the 90-degree sunny weather and I just got sunburned in 20 minutes.

That exam that I took in marketing class in the middle of all the stressful stuff falling down on top of me--I got the highest grade in the class on it. I was a little bit surprised on that one.

Yesterday Biff and I went on a walk to the bank so I could cash my paycheck and take care of business, and we stopped at a nearby CD store, the Exclusive Company, to see if the latest Missy Elliott album had been released yet. While I was browsing, I heard someone say "Hi, Victoria" and it was Si (*short for Silas, but everyone called him Si), from high school. It was a really nice surprise, because he was trying to get into electronic music so I said "Oh, then you have to meet my boyfriend because he's like an expert on that stuff!" so then Biff and Si were chatting like old friends, basically, in five minutes. And I think Si got the Aphex Twin "Richard D. James" album and the Boards of Canada album that Biff recommended. Which was pretty cool, since Si is, as far as I know, the only person who went to my highschool who would be able to keep up with Biff on the experimental/electronic music vibe. He said to come and visit him sometime where he works, the Anaba tea room, and since it's so close to Robin & Jill's house, I think that we might have to take him up on the offer. (*The Anaba tea room also has live jazz on sundays, and really delicious cakes and scones: I went there once a few years ago with my Dad).

Hopefully my mom's flight to Italy yesterday went well. She's going over there to arrange the funeral and take care of everything.

One quick request, since there are so many internet-savvy people on the 'bot: Biff is trying to load his portfolio website (*it's finally ready) and we need to find a server for it that is cheap, has relatively a lot of space, and relatively a lot of loading-capacity or whatever you call it when you listen to music and watch videos over the internet. Any recommendations would be really appreciated!!! Thanks.

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