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Friday, August 26, 2005

› by victoria

apparently, someone who graduated from my highschool died yesterday. this makes me sad. if I had my old photographs from highschool, i'd post the one in which he was dressed up in a Winnie-the-Pooh suit and I was--coincidentally--wearing a Tigger suit, so we posed together since most people assumed we were dressed like that intentionally... He was a really funny guy. Unfortunately, he was also really into various substances. I hope that his family is okay...

Anyways, that said, Robert came down to where I work yesterday and told me that a lot of people (?) whom I never would've suspected of reading my blog or knowing about me, do. This weirded me out just a little bit. It forced me to reflect on my feelings towards other people who went to my highschool, like when Biff and I were exiting the train at the Milwaukee Amtrak station and I saw Chris Purdy and Abdur (I think) and they must've been waiting for someone else to exit the train as well.

I have fond feelings for a lot of people who went to my highschool. Knowing them over the years makes them even better 'cuz you know know them.

Then there are the people who were randomly cold and hostile towards me and I never knew why, in a similar fashion to the people who work up at the Circulation desk in the library.

Then there are the people who were just insufferably self-absorbed and self-important and had no sense of humor: only 2 of them come to mind at this time (and don't worry, chances are if you are reading this you are cool).

People are weird. Sometimes I just click and get along with them REALLY well--like, instantly. Most of my friends & close friends & really close friends are in this category: Biff, Robin, Gina, Pedro, Jill. Sometimes it takes me a while to become friends with someone--like Robert or my co-worker Carolyn. Sometimes people just instantly dislike me and don't get along with me no matter how long we are kept in close proximity: like my co-worker Brittney.

It's interesting.

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