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train train train (tickets) plus random stuff
Wednesday, November 2, 2005

› by victoria

I am so excited yet nervous because yesterday I got train tickets for me & Biff to go down to New Mexico via Amtrak over winter break. I think that it's going to be really different: somehow meeting a lot of Biff's family (which totally fascinates me: I mean, his family does, because it's so different, and way cooler en general than mine) is intimidating & exciting at the same time. Soooo... It's gonna be awesome. I'm especially excited to meet Carolyn because she is a Capricorn (like my best friend Robin) and I like Capricorns ever so much. They're tough (way tougher than I could ever be), clever, good at sports, have a brilliant barbed wit, and are smart with money. Basically the opposite of me (I'm not tough, I'm smart but not always quick on the uptake, awful at sports, am ok at making snide comments during bad movies, and trying to improve my financial management "skills"). But still, I'm the ideal Capricorn sidekick. :flexes sidekick muscle:

I have way too many assignments due next week. It's overwhelming. At least I woke up this morning determined to motivate myself, which is something I am good at. I can motivate myself, which I guess is a skill. I try to motivate Biff but usually I end up driving him up the wall, which makes me feel bad. It's not my fault he has an 8 AM class! I woke up this morning saying "I will get a lot accomplished today!" My intention is to finish my adpr 142 homework before class at 1, do the laundry, clean up the apartment (a bit), and try to watch a shakespeare movie for my shakespeare movie analysis project. The double-cappuccinno I had this morning helps.

Thinking about it, it would suck to be a kid nowadays. I mean, the 1990's were balmy compared to this shit that we're going through now; everything is meant to fill you with a sense of fear about everything, kids are growing up either revoltingly spoiled or wretchedly deprived (there's no real middle ground anymore) and unless they're a 'mutant' who actually likes reading and being involved in things and being creative and thinking for themselves... it's pretty much a hopeless cause. Let me put it this way: the Ghostwriter generation is now 20-plus, which is in itself scary. What are the kids of today watching, and listening to, and reading?

"'I spit on your decision to let your children wallow in their own garbage.' Only the word he said wasn't garbage."

--from My Teacher Flunked the Planet by Bruce Coville

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