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This is why I sounded that way on the phone
Saturday, November 5, 2005

› by victoria

First off, we had a totally awesome thursday night. I found a coupon in the Tribune for buy one, get one free at Qdoba so I picked up dinner for me & Biff at half-price! then I waited for Biff outside of MIAD and he was so happy to see me! and food too (he was starving)...he had carved me a small wooden fish with fins that even stands up on its own. I love it & can't wait to paint my little wooden fish as soon as I get the chance! Then he brought me inside the school to show me his 2 drawings up on the wall, they were really good. I met some really nice people who go to Biff's school, too: this guy named Brice, and these 3 girls at the bus stop who thought I was the most entertaining person, like, ever!

We headed straight over to la casita de Robin; Robin was resting up to get her strength for her Doctor's appointment, so we stayed up late chillin' and talking with Jill. We had a bunch of (very strong) tea, Jill showed us her awesome collection of jackets from her public defender days, and then Biff and I crashed for the night there. (*Oh, Jill gave us this awesome blanket called a "KOREAN BLANKET": it's the softest material, and it has these 2 soaring eagles on it. I absolutely love it & can't wait to see how it contrasts with our violently turqoise bedsheets! :) In the morning, Jill and Robin headed off to the doctor to get Robin's implant checked up on, while Biff and I woke up veeeeery slowwly. I wasn't feeling too good: in fact, I was feeling in such a way that explained why I started crying about the republicans and freaking out and being super-emotional. Jill gave me this little orange pill at Biff's insistance that I feel better, and oh lordy, did it ever stop the pain. I was feeling absolutely fan-tastic the rest of the day. Things were moving in slow-motion, and I was just watching the fashion channel for hours. Robin & I watched a whole bunch of bad movies:

Here I will rate them by how awful they were:

Chronicles of Riddick: absolutely riddick-ulous! So, so, so silly. It was like everyone in the movie believed it was one big commercial: the Necromongers seemed terribly self-aware of how silly they looked in their outfits. C- grade.

.com for murder: WORST MOVIE I HAVE SEEN IN AGES. Awful, awful, awful. Want to see Nicollette Sheridan when she was really desperate? Then check out this movie. You know it's bad when 2 women are credited as "internet strippers," and there's this wretched computer named HAL that narrates everything. Door closed...door opening...connecting to cyberspace... the stalker finds them through a website called American Love Online. This movie was awful, you have to see it to believe it. F is the overall grade.

Just Cause with Sean Connery and Laurence Fishburn. Actually one of the best thrillers I have seen in a really long time! It certainly surprised the heck out of me & everyone else. I'd give it an A.

National Treasure. No comment...right in the middle of this movie is when Stu & Chris called me and I was making popcorn, so I was feeling rather giddy and 'relaxed' at the time. I think that Stu & Chris were feeling 'relaxed' as well, so it was an interesting 3 minute, 30 second conversation.

Now i have oodles and oodles of homework to do, but that's what you get when you have that much fun I guess.

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