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Don't be a Hater (Please)
Tuesday, December 6, 2005

› by katie

Happyrobot is really interesting to me. It's a very eclectic group of people. Where else can you read posts about good books, babies, wine, and keen boots. I mean really, folks. You're generally a good way to start the morning.

One area where I'm surprised that so many of you converge: you're not so into the wintertime/christmastime thing. And yes, I'm grouping winter/Christmas together because they are conflated in a lot of the HR posts.

Please consider the following items:

Remember when you were a kid in winter and you played so long in the snow that you started to get hot and your hands got that rancid sweaty glove smell and you knew it was a good sign that you wouldn't get cold?

And doesn't part of you love snow. My particular favorites are the really big damp snowflakes that are 1-2" in diameter that seem to fall really slowly and the small dry snow that makes everything sparkle. I know that eventually it gets dirty and gross, but before that happens, it makes the earth look so clean and beautiful.

And if you celebrate Christmas, think back to your childhood and how much fun you had on Christmas morning--and how much fun your parents must have had seeing you so excited with your messy just-woke-up hair. At least with my family, there were few opportunities to get together with family, share gifts, and enjoy a good meal.

What about the feeling of coming inside after a bitter-cold day. If you forgot your gloves, your hands burn and sting for the first minute... and then they feel hot. Then warm.

Hot chocolate. With whipped cream or marshmallows. Even the crappy just add water kind tastes so good when it's below 40 degrees.

When was the last time you sent cards to your 50 closest friends and family members just to share some goodwill? Isn't putting a tree up an extravagant thing to do? Your living room always smells good like pine... and think about people who put out birdseed. People love birds and want them to have food when it's hard to find. You've gotta respect that.

So yeah, the holiday season is taking on some new, dumb political meaning. It's cold. There are lots of obligations. Wal-mart is making people beat each other up. But there's a lot of good stuff about winter, too.

Just wanted to say that.


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