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The M.A.C. (yeah you know me)
Wednesday, December 14, 2005

› by victoria

We went to the M.A.C. costume rental store yesterday, which was a slightly surreal experience, hence the title of the post. (*No, we didn't rent anything). Plus then I combined that with the lyrics to Kriss Kross' "Jump"...

i found out that my exam for PHIL 104 was at 5:45 and not 7 as I had originally anticipated, thereby cutting my projected "study time" down to zero. which is why i was so panicked and upset. plus biff and i had been in a gigantic argument all day which seems quite silly in retrospect, since the basic underpinning of the argument was "did performance art class have a final exam or not?" I said yes, he said no. I'm assuming that he knows what he's talking about so we're just going to pretend that the particular incident in question never happened. Anyways, on my phil 104 exam i had to leave 3 short-answer questions blank (so minus 12 points automatically) because I had absolutely no idea what Aristotle's 3 reasons for human ergon were, or how Aquinas thought we should find out God's plans for us, and the third question was something else about Aristotle. Anyways I managed to pull myself together and fill in all the 12 other "short" answer questions, plus write 2 full-length essay questions, but I felt so disappointed in myself for not being able to fill in those questions.

I went home and Biff had thoughtfully picked up a six-pack of Heineken (as well as all his art supplies for finishing his box). So I had 2 Heinekens while we watched Dr. No and chilled out, and took a bath, and went to bed and slept the peaceful sweet sleep of the slightly intoxicated as the snow fell and the weather got progressively worse outside, until we woke up this morning and the wind was howling in such a sinister, Wendigo-like way that it was a real effort to go out and about. So now all I have left is putting together & polishing my philosophy paper, writing my English final (due tomorrow at 5 PM), and taking my marketing exam on friday morning. And then I'm free!

I can't wait to do the laundry tonight. :)

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