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The Transit Television Network
Tuesday, February 7, 2006

› by victoria

I hate that CHEERIOS yogurt commercial that they always play on the omnipresent Transit Televisions in the bus. At least with the Chuck Norris Full Body Gym infomercial, you can smile at Chuck's grizzled visage and think of Chuck Norris facts. But with the Cheerio commercial, there is no hope.

In fact, for the whole Transit Television Network, there is very little hope.

Barring the fact that the little TVs tell you the date & time (which is very handy if you're not wearing a watch or carrying a cell phone), they broadcast meaningless blather at such loud tones that it would make Ray Bradbury weep. The worst offenders: those As Seen on TV music offers, telemercials for the Chavo Del Ocho DVD set (a comedy program whose highlights consist of splashing people with water), the really cracked out Transit Television weatherman, those shady-as-hell "I started my own business 2 years ago, and now, eighty-thousand dollars later, I'm glad I made the smart choice!" ads...I could go on and on. I'm not surprised that they proudly emblazon their website with their high recall rates--OF COURSE PEOPLE RECALL YOUR ADS! It's not as though they can change the channel or plug their ears or turn up their headphones loud enough to cover the TTN blare.

Beware, for the little televisions may be coming to public transportation near you!

(sometimes, the bus drivers get so annoyed by the TVs that they turn the sound off, or even the entire can be a beautiful thing to have a quiet bus ride. Quiet, that is, until a man who's obsessed with bodily wastes starts rambling about "not wipin' off their shit!" and the bus driver has to make him get off the bus).

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