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Saturday, February 11, 2006

› by victoria

it's snowing outside, big fluffy puffs that fall like the old WINDOWS screensavers. I left in the middle of watching John Carpenter's The THING so the suspense was paused as well until I get home from work and find out who is infected with the freaky virus?!? That movie was derivative of other films in and of itself, but the X-files totally ripped off tons of ideas from The THING in its own right.

For me, one of the most satisfying things in the whole world has to be sitting in the world's best coffeeshop--Brewing Grounds (know this, the place ROCKS and is one of Milwaukee's little-known gems)--and sipping on arabic tea while reading a William Sleator book as Biff writes letters. The combination of latin american music with really good tea/coffee makes a relaxing atmosphere that is unbeatable. (*especially when new people are moving into the adjoining apartment, making a loud racket).

It's also nice to know that I can check out items again at the Milwaukee Public Library because I finally (!) cleared up my record--with all of the late fees and returned that drawing book that was so chronically overdue that they charged me for it (oops).

We saw a really fun Haitian/Canadian comedy called How to Conquer America in One Night at a free university showing yesterday night. There were lots of drunk people on the bus on the way there. The movie was totally worth it, though--plus if you walk around in the Union enough, you can find the ping-pong courts and watch people play some fierce ping-pong tournaments.

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