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Captain Planet, he's our hero...
Monday, March 6, 2006

› by victoria

I'm so suspended in limbo-land until I get some kind of indication about that interview. I'll let you know when I do.

In the meantime, the weather outside is just yucky. Slushy snow.

I've been drinking coffee and energy drinks but I still don't feel as overcaffeinated as when I drink Jill's iced tea. That stuff is the equivalent of tea-whisky--triple-distilled and filtered, served on ice, so strong that it makes my facial muscles permanently grin and grit.

Didn't get to watch the oscars last night--I was studying for my advertising account management midterm this morning. I was surprised to hear that CRASH won for best picture--I was expecting Brokeback Mountain to get that. Even though I haven't seen that movie. I probably came closest to seeing that when Biff's grandma was talking about how she had heard what a good movie it was--but it's not the kind of movie I think you'd want to go to with a Grandmotherly figure.

I also saw "The Running Man" this weekend, which I'd never seen before. I persist in my quest to watch every Arnold Schwarzenegger film ever made, and I actually thought that Running Man was pretty good at predicting what would happen if reality television was taken to its logical conclusion. Also, it features Jesse Ventura as "Captain Freedom," everyone's favorite propaganda workout leader.

Finally, speaking of a Captain, here's the intro to Captain Planet. You gotta love it.

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