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6 Irish things
Friday, March 17, 2006

› by victoria

today started out with me being faintly overwhelmed. It may be St. Patrick's Day but I never really got into the spirit of the whole proceedings--in fact, the 6 things that i truly enjoy from Ireland are:

1.) Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog --the best TV series to ever be filmed in Ireland! And the ever-shifting ambiguous love triangle between Rohan-Angus-Deidre (or Deidre-Rohan-Angus, or Angus-Deidre-Rohan) made it even better. Plus I had an english teacher who looked just like Ivar, the mystic knight of water, which was unintentionally quite hilarious.

2.) Irish coffee--when I was in Dublin a few years ago, I drank 2 whole carafes (about 40 ounces, at least) of Irish coffee and I couldn't walk up the stairs because my leg muscles were spazzing due to caffeine overdose...

3.) Irish soda bread, which I can eat and eat because I love it, bless its little raisin-dry-lumpcake-ness.

4.) Oscar Wilde (and for some people, James Joyce although I haven't really read much by him yet--I'm working on it! but Wilde will always be my favorite)

5.) The Chieftains.

6.) The Temple Bar District, where we had the best time ever in Dublin, eating a wonderful gourmet dinner as drag queens and accordionists performed outside the window.

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