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Ladytron pt. 1
Wednesday, June 28, 2006

› by victoria

I have been introduced to the amazingness of Ladytron firstly through the influence of my coworker, who let me borrow their latest CD. Then they kept on coming up on my pandora playlist. Finally I google-videod for them and came up with 2 results: Destroy Everything You Touch and Seventeen. While watching the music video for Destroy Everything You Touch, I was suddenly struck by something--I'd seen the images in some way/shape/form before. Listening more closely to the lyrics only increased the sense of deja vu.

It resembled to an uncommon degree a chapter in the first book of TOMIE, a chapter that I believe was called "TOMIE: Revenge."

Of course the damn book has to be completely un-findable so that I can't scan small bits and pieces to back up my story, but the resemblances between the entire album and the book series is uncanny. It's probably just synchronicity, but here are as many of the facts as I can get (without the actual book, dammit):

Excerpted lyrics to the song Destroy Everything You Touch:
Destroy everything you touch today
Destroy me this way
Anything that may desert you
So it cannot hurt you

You only have to look behind you
At who's underlined you
Destroy everything you touch today
Destroy me this way

Excerpt from a review for the first book of Tomie:
Tomie 1 (of three volumes so far published in the US), contains six interconnected stories all set in contemporary Japan and focused on the eponymous character, high school teenager Tomie who, as the publisher's blurb states: "is the girl you wish you could forget. She is the one you shouldn't have touched, shouldn't have smiled at, shouldn't have made mad. She is quite lovely and you may love her to death. You may kill her. She will come back to life. You try to destroy her completely. It won't work."

Excerpt from the song Weekend:
Friday is the teacher
And Monday the tormentor
You are a new kind of creature
Perpetual weekend

And on the wire in the morning, there's a city growing in my head
Where there is no weekend
You are a permanent feature
You are a new kind of creature

You took the end
You took the end out of weekend

Excerpt from a review of the first book of Tomie:
"She recalls that her titular friend was discovered dead, not all the pieces of her body found. While the teacher, Mr Takagi concluded speaking to the class about accepting the painful tragedy of Tomie's death and that she is gone forever, Tomie herself makes an entrance apologising for her tardiness. Now though, Tomie seems... different and, to make things more troubling, her infatuation with Mr Takagi creates turmoil that leads to her death (again) on a class excursion to a local park. There, in a chilling sequence of depictions made more so by the dialogue and the corpse not being shown except for the blood splatters, the teacher persuades the class to assist him in the incriminating body's dismemberment and disposal of the remains. Not surprisingly, Tomie does not stay deceased for long."

I'm probably reading too much into the lyrics, but the resemblance between the artwork in the books and the way that the performers look in the video... the music videos are far better done than the adaptations into actual movies.

I've got to find the book!

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