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Wow. Not sure where to begin. I am getting married in a few hours.. and sleep is finally calling me, and while I haven't slept in weeks, I feel it's an important time to write.

The past three days in Montreal have been jam-packed with old memories, good times and emotional roller coaster rides. There is something about this city's energy that keeps me out and about until the wee hours. I am so proud to call it my home. I've had an amazing few days, although nights spent drinking and hanging out has made for some very cranky/sleep deprived days. Thankfully everyone has put up with me and I've managed to hold it together. Somewhat.

Tonight there was a welcome dessert/coffee reception for out-of-towners and immediate family. It was a great rehearsal for tomorrow. I got all teary eyed as soon as I saw my grandmother and my aunt jesse. It's not my fault, I've inherited the Rosenberg gene from my Baba Sally. It makes it impossible for me not to cry during moments of heightened emotion. In general, I am not a weepy person but I think I'd better arm myself with a couple dozen tissues and waterproof mascara for tomorrow, or is it today?

Anyhow, it's been just lovely spending time with family and friends. I am overwhelmed by it all and it doesn't seem quite real. Part of me wants to get it over with so that I can cut my nails and get some decent sleep but at the same time I don't want the excitement to end..

Everyone keeps asking if I am nervous. I might be nervous about walking into a room with nearly 300 people in high heels, but I am definitely not nervous about marrying the dude. He is amazing and I am so lucky. He's pretty cute too. Aw. I miss him! Ok, well I need to get my beauty rest, what's left of it (does 5 hours count?)


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