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Last Night In Bangkok

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After a lovely goodbye dinner with Katherine(a Brit friend we'd made at the Tiger Cave Wat in Krabi), where we ate way too much delicious thai, the dude and I made our way to the famous Pat Pong district last night. It was not nearly as crazy as I had imagined. I remember the red light district in Amsterdam being much more shocking. Here there were some scantily clad dancers and bouncers shoving cards in our faces with a menu of possibilities, but it was all surrounded by bargain shopping stalls and loads of tourists.

We had spent the last day of our holiday being true tourists. We joined a bus tour of Ayuttya, the ancient city and temple ruins.@We had to wake up at 5:30 a.m. but no regrets, it was an interesting tour. The ride back to Bangkok was aboard a very luxurious boat, with a buffet lunch. I am not a fan of the buffet yet I always end up eating too much. Anyway, it was cloudy and raining and the boat ride felt very long. The dude and I were hyped up on caffeine and being very obnoxious, me thinks some of the more sedate co-passengers were hoping we would fall overboard.

The two of us have been getting on great, we both really enjoy travelling and spending time in each other's company. This holiday has been an unbelievable journey. We are now at the free Yahoo! Internet cafe in Tokyo. Two more flights and we're home sweet home. There are obvious mixed feelings about returning home.. I am looking forward to my bed, my shower, a change of clothes, seeing family and friends. Also looking forward to life sans-wedding, I think it will seem like I have an abundance of free time. Can't wait to socialize and spend time with friends again....

But I will miss travelling. I love how it forces you to meet all kinds of new people, each with a unique story. I love all the new experiences and the sense of unknown, the adventure, the lack of routine and the challenges. Selfishly, I will also miss having the dude all to myself. He makes the worst jokes all the time yet I can't help laughing until my belly aches and it's hard to walk and breathe at the same time. I am lovestruck and it's awesome.

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