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What an extended weekend! Saturday morning the dude played squash, I went for a run, then we showered, changed, packed and made a mad dash en route to the burlington/hamilton area for the wedding of Geoff and Tina. What an experience! Geoff's family (The Barnes') owns a huge plot of land known locally as Barnesdale.

A 10 minute drive up a tree lined road, takes you to an enormous house, a nearby garage/workshop/apparment/squash court complex, and the pond. There are two, yes two, islands in the pond, several ducks and geese and one very large, very dangerous white swan. It was interesting traipsing around in my low-heeled sandals, there were a number of times I nearly lost my balance due to the divets.

They held the ceremony on one of the islands. It was a full on Booarnes event, down to the acoustic version of Led Zeppelin's "Thank You" sung by close friends. The dude and I stood back, smiling, drinks in hand, placing bets on whether or not the swan would attack the photographer before, after or during the ceremony.

It was a great night, lots of good food and amazing music. The adults cleared out pretty quickly and the hardwood dance floor was quickly taken over by a drunken mass of dancing fiends. I had a blast.

After a long evening of drinking, we returned to the "Riviera By The Lake" motel, our bodies aching for rest. We managed to sleep for a few hours until about 7:30 when I was attacked by flies. They were dive bombing my face - careening up my nose, flying straight towards my mouth, one tried to crash into my eye! Finally, I'd had enough. We decided to head back to Toronto, to catch a few hours of sleep in our bed at home. Unfortunately, the dude left the lights on in the car the day before and our battery was dead. We called CAA. We waited, they came, they assessed, the battery was done for. The dude had left the lights on one to many times (this was the third time this year) and we needed to wait for another CAA truck, so we did. They made the change, we hit the road and finally got home around 10:30. We managed to sleep for an hour before the dude had to get up and go shmooze at the film center bbq with Adina and Margo.

I had planned on spending my day cleaning the layer of filth off our bathroom and kitchen but decide instead to spend my day recovering in the dark. Hooked up with Monsieur Suarez for some international film festering. fun.

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