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I am a big wimp when it comes to Halloween. I always feel so awkward and confused when I am wearing a costume. Growing up, we were not allowed to celebrate this holiday of black and orange plastic shenanigans.

Every year, my Jewish elementary school sent home a note to our parents discouraging the celebration of this pagan holiday. My mom, the dutiful, took this very seriously. Usually we stayed home with the lights off. BORING. Sometimes, we were allowed to hand out candy but then my brothers and I would recognize all our classmates in their nifty costumes and feel like dorks for being stuck at home. Once, my mom took us to harvey's for fish burgers (we didn't eat meat out either, cos we were kosher-ish.) We got some free candy from the lady behind the counter who took pity on our ordinary selves.

I used to love going over to my friend's houses in early November, and partaking of their stash. I am a complete sugar freak. A desperate chocoholic. It's a good thing I wasn't allowed to go out and collect goodies, cos my belly would probably have burst.

To this day, I feel guilty about celebrating Halloween, but always give in when I see all the little foil wrapped chocolatey treats! I can never come up with a costume though, I find it very stressful. This year, we are invited to a party where we have been instructed to dress as an offensive stereotype. My original thought was white trash, but I don't have time to hunt down any acid wash. Then I was thinking of stealing Pony's outfit from last year (she went as a Jewish American Princess) but then I feel like I am stealing. Now the dude wants to print Tshirts that say: "This Is My Fuckin' Costume," cos of something he saw on Homestar runner. I think it's a good idea if one of us wears that but kind of lame if we both do. Don't you?

Any ideas?? I don't have a lot of time, so it need to be easy. Oh yeah and I don't want to look too ugly. k. bye.

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