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Happy Fun Time New Year To You

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Tonight we are having our annual open door new year's eve get together. This year's event will be asian inspired. For the potluck component, we are attempting chicken & tofu satay and cold spring rolls. I am excited!

My holiday has been a good mix of downtime, productivity, friends, family and lazing about. My youngest bro, Les is visiting. It's nice to have him around.

I've taken some time to noodle around inside my head and try to uncover what I want to achieve over the next few months, years... Nothing is a sure thing but what I have to come conclude is that I am in need of more discipline. I suppose that's essentially what makes up most resolutions.

Being a Jew, my new year really does start in the fall. I think this was always reinforced by the start of the scholastic year, as a kid I was really into school, the stop/start defining periods of my life began in september or thereabouts. I am lucky to have time off now to reflect on decisions made in the fall and I have used this last week to regroup.

Ok enough with the rambling, here are some new year's commitments:

- Write more
- Watch less TV
- But, the first 15 mins of the Daily Show is mandatory viewing
- Read more (this can only happen if I watch TV less...)
- Spend less time giving into my vices
- Exercise min. 3 times a week in order to maintain sanity
- Get some therapy to encourage the return of sanity
- Feel guilty less
- Love myself more
- Less nighttime noshing
- More friend time, less hibernating
- More happyroboting!

Here's hoping I beat the odds and maintain these convictions beyond February.

happy happy joy joy. xox e.

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