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Forever 29

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So far the birthday weekend has been most excellent, even today's hangover was happy. Went to see Bob Dylan tonight. Amazing show! Such a great venue, everyone was really into it. Dylan mumbled his way through old faves and new classics. The mustachioed band got the place up and dancing. It was a lot of fun. So glad I went... Felt like a spring chicken in comparison to the rest of the audience. My brother noticed that someone was raising their cane in appreciation of dear Bob. Too rich.

I was feeling really giddy and we were chatting with the very serious fan standing next to us.. I blurted out that it was my birthday, and that I was so excited for the show etc.. He asked how old I was turning and when I answered 29, he said "Forever 29 or really 29?"

"I'll be forever 29 beginning next year..." I replied.

When I spoke to my grandparents today, they warned me "Not to grow old..." I've heard it before and I know I am not alone in fearing what lies ahead. I thought about this as Dylan embraced us with his music. He was having a great fuckin' time up there.. He plays night after night. He clearly loves what he is doing and that's what keeps him going.. I am determined to do the same.

Truth is, I am enjoying getting older. For 30 years on this planet I've gone well beyond pooping in a diaper, and for that I am grateful. I had a great time in school, especially university. My life in Toronto seems to improve every year. I survived a serious illness. I am constantly learning. I've lots of great friends and wonderful relationships.. and I am so in love with the dude. The future looks ripe. I look forward to enjoying every morsel.

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