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From my friend Raine:

Home needed for a cockatiel with character. Cockatiel NOT cockatoo. A cockatiel is about the size of a budgie.

Here's the deal, I have had my male normal grey cockatiel for over 6 years now. He is handfed and extremely comfortable around people. I am taking on a new role at work where I will be on the road traveling off and on for about 9 months. As much as I love my birdie it's not fair for me to leave him alone that much. As it stands he is not getting as much attention as he use to.

Zowie says 2 words:
1) Hello
2) come in (he says that when you knock on a door)

He also can whistle the following tunes:
1) The Bridge Over the River Quay
2) The Andy Griffith Tune
3) The Wolf Whistle

He mimics my telephone, clicks with his mouth "a shave and a haircut", and imitates my sneezes. Actually sometimes when I'm about to sneeze he sneezes for me.

He kisses and loves to get his neck rubbed. He also loves to dance and has songs he likes and songs he hates. He hates the more recent Depeche Mode stuff. He mostly likes to dance with you and not alone. He bobs his head up and down and hums. When I am on the phone he loves to jump into the conversation with bird gibberish.

He does however have an attitude, as sweet as he can be he can get angry. So he does bite when he gets pissed off. He gets especially pissed off when people stick their finger at him. He also gets annoyed when you clean the cage. I guess he hasn't figured out what it is I'm doing with his stuff. He gets angry if you leave CD's all over the floor, he sees his reflection in all the CD cases and gets confused. He also bites if you let him look in a mirror. If you put on a song he doesn't like he screams continuously until you turn it off. He does need time out of his cage. He likes to sit on your knee while you watch TV.

Birds can be noisy and messy, the bird seed, their droppings and the bird itself have no odor.

He's great to travel with. I have driven many times back and forth from Toronto to Montreal with him and he's quite content in the car.

Anyway if you know anyone who is interested in a bird please let me know.

He comes fully equipped, his birdie condo is about 3 feet high. He has one travel case one travel cage and a birdie jungle gym.

PS from Elana - Zowie is really cool, I've even let him clean my teeth.
PPS from Elana - I need a home too. If you see any cool West End Toronto 2 bdrm appts, e-mail me.
PPSS I never know how you what the protocol is for repeat Post Scripts.
PPPSSS I just had to post about Zowie cos Raine's email was too funny. If you're interested in adopting him, let me know.

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