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10 Tips To Survive Married Life - Year One

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We made it! Today is our one year anniversary. To commemorate the occasion here are some tips for those of you brave enough to commit:

1. Even if you were living together before, for some reason "married life" is different. Now every decision you make seems more critical because it directly impacts your partner. There is a serious transition period, but just remember that if you can survive the wedding and the in-laws, you can do anything.

2. Prepare yourself for the wedding/honeymoon comedown. It happens to almost everyone.

3. Fighting is healthy. So long as your make up sessions are hot and sweaty.

4. Jokes about divorce are not always as funny out loud as they were in your head.

5. No matter how hard you try, the nagging eventually spills out. Run with it.

6. Cocooning. Sometimes you might feel like just shutting yourselves off from the rest of society for an entire weekend. Maybe watching an entire TV season of Alias on DVD. This is ok but make sure you socialize regularly the following weekend or before you know it you will be eating early bird specials.

7. Go on dates. They might become more infrequent but don't let yourself forget the amazing combination of candlelight, wine (or martinis!) and good food on your romantic life.

8. Stay active and attractive! Your sex life shouldn't end on your honeymoon.

9. Spend quality time apart. Both on your own and with your friends. This is an essential ingredient.

10. Celebrate being married. I am not being smug when I say I've never been happier.

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