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The Job Hunt

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Job hunting is so much like dating. When you're not interested, they want you soo bad. I had decided to wait until September before seriously looking, so naturally interesting opportunities have been popping up all over the place.

The screening process is similar in many ways to those early dating rituals. I had an interview a week ago. It went ok. I tried hard to make a good impression. Thing seem to be progressing but in the meantime, I have to be patient and wait for them to make their next move.

It's brutal. Stuck in the waiting room between first impressions and happily ever after, I jump every time the phone rings. I check my e-mail every hour on the hour. Ok, truth - I check my inbox every five minutes, every commercial break, every chance I get..

It's like I am back in university and having serious crushes. Only now instead of rudimentary Internet tools like Gopher and Archie, I have Google and Friendster at my disposal. So addictive and time consuming. They make my obsessions go from bad to pathetic.

As per dating ritual, it's important to play it cool. I need to distract myself with a multitude of projects. The good news is, most of my to-do list items are getting knocked off one by one. I've re-organized my closet, my bathroom, my finances and I'm working on my desk and filing system..

Unfortunately, one thing I had promised myself to get on top of was creative writing. I swore I would spend some time writing today. Maybe carve out my very own rocker chicklit niche. Problem is I am too anxious and am having trouble focusing. It's easier to pick up a gossipy magazine or rent a teen movie of the week.

The anticipation is driving me buggy. I've been so restless. Despite intense daily workouts, I am having trouble falling asleep. This morning I woke up at 6:45 and could not shut my brain back off.

I need resolution. Are we gonna go steady or what? Thing is I know all about that office reality, how the hours just slip by despite the best of intentions. Things take time. Problem is when you have nothing but time on your hands it can be excruciating.

I bought some Clamato yesterday. I thought maybe a spicy Caesar or two would help me chill, hopefully even knock me out for a few hours of undisrupted sleep. Too bad last week's over-indulgence makes me shudder at the site of my old pal, Vodka. I munched on some celery instead (I bought it as garnish!) Looks like I'll be sticking to some kind of detox until my trip to the country next week.

I have another job interview tomorrow. Just like the first date, I have to figure out what to wear and pray I don't get nervous sweaty palms. Unfortunately, it's supposed to be 29C and with the humidity it should feel about 38C. Good thing I was planning on wearing a light sweater. Sigh. Even if I can find something that is comfortable and appropriate my hair is gonna be frickin' HUGEASS.

Ok. Well, in search of further distraction I am off to go see Shaolin Soccer.

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