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Being a big movie nerd/celebrity stalker, I can't help but catch film fest fever. Unfortunately, the ritual usually coincides with the Jewish High Holidays and so my viewing opportunities are sadly limited. This year however, my film fest goals have already been surpassed.

Friday night, we attended the world premiere of Don McKellar's new film, Childstar. The starring role of said Childstar, was played by my cousin Mark Rendall, how exciting! Since the first time I saw Mark play Oliver in the play of the same name, I knew he would make it to film fest heights in no time. I won't review the movie as I am biased but I will say this: It's very Don McKellar and it's very Canadian. Regardless, Mark was excellent. I was so overwhelmed with pride and excitement that after congratulating my aunt, uncle and of course Mark I weeped my way out of the theatre.

I called my mom to share my excitement and she asked if the movie was sad? No. I was just overly emotional..

Then we were off to the Festival Shmooze at CityTv and the debauchery began. The party was a lot of fun. Being a shmooze virgin, I was surprised to see how many people I knew at the party. It was like a grown up version of the MuchMusic Video Awards party. A little more stuffy, a lot fewer celebs. Still, I had a lot of fun and it was nice having the dude around as I hob nobbed. He is usually working when I've been invited to the MMVAs in the past.

It must've been a long week at work cos while I only had three glasses of wine, all that shmoozing totally burnt me out for the rest of the weekend. We had to bail on a birthday party for last night and even today, I managed a last minute invite to the CFC barbecue but am skipping it to get some stuff done. Updating to happyrobot was second on the list. First on the list was nagging the dude to pick up his own dry cleaning and buy some of the groceries. The agenda also includes: getting some exercise, cleaning up the house, laundry and finishing up a freelance assignment. Meanwhile, I have to attend a screening for Instant Star from 2:30 - 6:00 p.m. Instant Star is my new project at work. It's a teen drama about the music industry by the creators of Degrassi.

So, yeah. Like I gots to go do stuff. Ciao.

PS Did anyone else read that article in yesterday's Globe and Mail about how being a jew is hip? I can't find a link to it but it's totally amusing. I am so ahead of my time.

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