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Today has just been an off day. I woke up early and struggled to get myself ready for a physio appointment at 7:40. Well, I guess I hit snooze one too many times because by the time I left the house it was 7:40. I called in, spoke to Julia (she's the best!) but she was booked all morning so I decided to turn back around and head home.

Thing is.. I was already feeling cranky cos trying to put an outfit together that early in the morning is brutal. I feel grody and out of sorts. I've been suffering from tummyitis since the weekend. Made myself a little smoothie to cheer up the morning but it turned out weak and runny.

Work has been fine but nothing too stimulating going on at the moment. Just drinking lots of herbal tea and watching the minutes go by... It's still this impenetrable gray out.

After work, I get to sit in traffic for an hour to make a 6:00 p.m. appointment midtown... Then I am going to hit up the New Balance store for some new running shoes! This will likely be the highlight of my day. I am really looking forward to going for a light jog tomorrow before a hectic day of work and travel.

Yes, once again I am driving into Montreal for a weekend of family food and fesitivities. This time, it's my grandparents 60th. Gotta love my Baba Sally and my Zeida Carl. They are two of my favourite people to spend time with. I am also looking forward to spending time with my bros and Aunt Jesse and Uncle Jay who are flying in from The Pitts. My Toronto Aunt and Uncle will be there too. I see them more in Montreal then I do here. How sad. The other sad thing is the dude won't be coming in with me.. He's off to some fancy pants conference in San Fran until Wednesday. Poop.

Ok this entry was about as stimulating as my day has been so far..

peace out.

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