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- I had an emergency root canal yesterday and while I am trying to put up a brave front I feel like poo. I went in for a cleaning and came out with a headache and a prescription for antibiotics and painkillers. The good news is I have no cavities and my teeth are gleaming.

- I also have PMS. At least once a month I really begin to wonder if the male species are superior because hormones fuck me up completely. If my breasts grow any larger or more painful I might breakdown and cry. I'm talking little girl fit where I throw myself on the floor and bang my fists in frustration. What really kills me is if I decide to never have kids, all this suffering is really for nothing. Fuck.

- Our appartment is chaos. Packing equals mess. We have a ton of stuff that we don't want but don't know what to do with. We would consider a garage sale but it's effin cold and we don't have a front lawn.

- The front lawn. Oh yes, our landlord is digging it up in anticipation of our move. They are going to takeover our main floor and turn the basement into a seperate appartment. I had considered staying home in bed today and feeling sorry for myself while under the influence of painkillers, but there is a whole lotta digging and drilling going on. I had my share of drilling and digging in Dr. Aronov's chair yesterday, so I came to work.

- At work they turned the heating vents on and aside from the noise a whole bunch of discharge (it looked like tiny bits of salt) came raining down onto Mark and I and our collective desk area. We behaved like whiny bitches. Now it has stopped. We continue to whine though because we are expert writers/whiners. I am also an expert wino/weirdo.

- Thank god tomorrow is Wednesday and then the week will be over. Almost.

- PS I must admit to having had a fantabulous weekend so I know that I will not be a supa cranky beeyatch forever.

- PPS Maybe I should go see The Incredibles again, that might cheer me up. That movie was Fuckin' A* for Awesome.

*Swearing when I feel bad makes me feel better. I am so grade 8.

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