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In case you haven't heard me bitch about this before, I have this chronic neck problem that results from a ski accident that took place many moons ago. It acts up once in awhile, usually when I overdo it or try something stupid.

This summer, I was really active at the yoga studio. Thinking I was strong enough, I foolishly listened to the instructor and tried a modified shoulder stand. Since then I have been in a state of perpetual pain.

The nine hours a day I sit in front of computer don't help but for for the most part, I think I've been handling it pretty well all things considered. I haven't been able to live life at my usual pace of hectic plus BUT I am coping. I have my week moment's though and if you look at me closely you can see that my left shoulder is about three inches closer to my ear than my right. Ouch.

I've been diligent about massage, physio, exercises etc.. but to no avail. After popping countless pills (I think I am an official Advil addict) and spending about an hour + $60 a day on various treatments and sitting through two root canal procedures, I decided to pursue a new avenue and last night tried on some ancient chinese medecine.

I used to go for acupuncture regularly several years ago and it helped a lot... but right before I got TB I had started acupuncture again. While I was in the hospital with (at that time some mystery disease) the doctor made some mention of how there was this rare case of someone contracting a similar virus from acupuncture blah blah blah thus creating a terrible association in my mind acupuncture equals TB.

At this point though, I am getting desperate to get my life back so I went in for a session to place near my house. They started me off with a cocktail of unmarked pills to be swigged down with a cup of lukewarm tea and then the treatment began. In addition to the usual needles along the meridians and heat lamps, they also included lots of tiger balm flavoured shiatsu (plus some weirdass nasal passage treatment, which felt ick going in but I survived).

By the time I got home, I was starving. Ate some dinner and sat down to watch some more Sopranos Season II on DVD. Now I am not sure what was in those pills or if it was the acupuncture or just a long day of dental drilling, work and healing, but within an hour of my return home I had to crawl into bed. I was out cold from 9:00 p.m. until 7:00 this morning!

Feeling a bit better today but I think it will take a few more treatments. That chinese herbal medecine shit is crazy with the cheez whiz.

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