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Inspired by the gallant galloping pony:

1 - I have no voice. The cold is gone but left me with nothing above a whisper. For a talkaholic such as myself this is sheer torture. While IM'ing my dad for suggestions (he gets laryngitis a lot too) he had the following advice: "Sip water every ten minutes, make silly faces, write e-mails. At work talk to them silently, use your hands, be demonstrative, and feel up all the guys." Uh.. thanks for the tips (?)

2 - There are two big huge trees on Clinton St. (my current adress for the next 24 hours anyway.) They are both completely naked. All the leaves have fallen. They are about five or six houses apart. The only thing remaining on either of them are two identical hornets nests. The nests weigh heavy and dangle over the street. Whenever I walk by them I am tempted to cross the street. I fear that one day one of those nests will come crashing onto the pavement and all the hornets will form a cartoon arrow right towards my butt.

3 - It is so hot in our office that I am sweating in my Tshirt. It's winter people, I should be able to wear a sweater to work. Should I not? At least a long sleeve T?

4 - Part of the reason I have no voice today is because I went out last night. A bunch of former (and some current) Sony Music employees got together for a raucous night of holiday cheer and killer karaoke. IT was like a class reunion only we all look fabulous and we didn't have to worry about talking career success because we were all in the same boat. Also everyone ('cept myself) was smashed.

5 - I can't decide whether or not to get digital cable and it's killing me. I want it because then I can watch movies without leaving my house when it's freezing. I don't want it b/c I will end up watching too much TV and not leaving my house. Oh the dilemma. Also it's just an added expense.

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