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For attempting a class called "yogilates" on Sunday morning.

The class, she was lame and filled with the middle aged women. The studio was so packed one fiery 50-something cracker jack did the class from the nearby closet. She was a hootenanny. Fuck. The class was way too neck intensive and while my abs and my lats feel a little tighter, the area around my neck is almost immobile. Ah well, this too shall pass.

I was in a shitty mood all weekend prior to this trauma. I had my dukes up and was ready to knock some punches. I get like that sometiimes. Crusty bitch, yes I can be one too.

Hmm what else to report, ah yes, ms. kat punky was inquiring about my snooty rerference to those afflicted with the napolean complex.

My most shiver-inducing experience with this type of person was in university. I was the Arts & Entertainment editor and our Editor-in-chief was this an extremely vertically-challenged, former military guy who chain-smoked and reminded me of a squirrel on speed. An ugly annoying squirrel. He was always shooting off at the mouth and trying to impress. One Saturday I had popped into my office for something or another.. The building was empty except for Mr. Squirrel. He got some good news and became overwhelmed by excitement, burst into my space and smacked a kiss on me. I yelped and told him never to do that again. I was so disgusted. Ugh. He was so nasty. I still fear running into him one day.

In other news, who is JR that posted the other day? Jerry? Jerry? I am confused.

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